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  • Why to Hire a Stop Foreclosure Attorney

    Usually there are more options than you formerly thought possible.

    Families who are facing foreclosure often have the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Maybe you feel stuck with a mortgage that is underwater such that if you sold your house it would yield more than the mortgage balance. Some cases involve a home that is not under-water, but the home might have equity but you have gotten behind and only recently are able to resume payments but cannot come up with the thousands of dollars the lender requires to bring your mortgage current. The lender may appear to be big and strong if you were to face them in the courtroom, yet this does not have to be the end for you. Far too often, homeowners give in without trying to stay in their home. If you call the Bright Law firm of Richard Weaver, we’ll review your options. We realize each case is different and most of the time clients have more than one option available when they call us. Even foreclosure situations that prove that foreclosure is unavoidable hold outcomes which help us to help you to endure the least amount of impact to your finances and also which minimize negative impacts to your credit score over the long term.

    Many possibilities exist to fighting foreclosure. Some options, like a chapter 13 bankruptcy allow you to catch your mortgage up over time. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to walk away, eliminate your financial responsibility and also ditch other unsecured debt at the same time. Under the guidance of a skilled attorney who is experienced as a foreclosure defense lawyer, you can decide between options and come up with the best approach to result in the best outcome for your unique situation. Foreclosing upon a home owner is also expensive for lenders, which means that alternatives exists that could be in both the borrower and the lender’s best interests. If you want to fight to stay in your, you could be arrive at an option through chapter 13 bankruptcy that allows to stay in the home. Mortgage modifications also allow you to negotiate in some circumstances to repay less then the current mortgage balance. Most lenders do not typically approve modifications, but rather dangle this option in front of borrowers until the borrowers have given up. This is where the experienced and powerful legal advice of attorney Richard Weaver can educate, advocate, and represent you in preventing or stopping foreclosure.

    If you are prepared to move out of your home as a means to a better future without the house, our law firm can offer considerable resources along with our legal energy to eliminate your liability to the lender through a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Dallas

    At the Bright Law Firm, we realize that options become more and more limited as time moves on. We know bankruptcy law. We know foreclosure law. If you face possibility of going into foreclosure, you are no doubt stressed to the hilt. We want to help you and your family so that you do not have to deal with these problems alone.

    If nothing more, our team can help you be sure you are getting the best outcome that is available for your situation. We use our experience to help with your situation. Many times we offer your family more so that you can be prepared to move if you will eventually surrender the home. Whatever the situation, Bright Law Firm’s founding attorney Richard Weaver seeks to help. Call us today for a free case review by one of our experienced and trusted attorneys and team members. By Pete Maughan.