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  • The Texas Foreclosure Process & How to Stop Foreclosure

    Dallas Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

    For homeowners dealing with unmanageable mortgage debt, it can be terrifying to even consider the thought of losing a home from foreclosure. But remember that you do not have to face this situation alone. The Bright Law Firm of Richard Weaver can help! Because of recent economic crises in the country, countless millions have had to face serious financial problems and have found themselves unable to remain current with monthly mortgage payments.

    If you have received a foreclosure notice, or if you are concerned that you will soon face foreclosure, you should be clear on this important fact:


    You could be able to prevent foreclosure from happening, or stop it from going through to completion by using the powerful tools of bankruptcy protection. Even for those whose home is listed already to go through foreclosure sale, an emergency bankruptcy stops the sale from happening immediately and decisively. For immediate action, you should contact the Bright Law Firm today at (214) 617-2500. We can help you protect your home from foreclosure, but it is extremely important to talk with our experienced bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver right away. You simply cannot wait. If the home sells at foreclosure (which happens on the first Tuesday of each month, then it is too late to use the tool of bankruptcy.

    At the Bright Law Firm of Richard Weaver, our attorneys have experience with foreclosure. The extended and vast knowledge which comes of experience is what you need to be navigated toward a positive and happy outcome. We cannot say that we can wave a magic want and fix your problems, however, we can tell you that our more than 26 years of legal experience from founding attorney Richard M Weaver along with a friendly, helpful and compassionate team can quickly help you to assess the situation and determine which are the best steps forward to arrive at a positive resolution to your financial problems. We want to keep you and your family living in the home you own!

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    Attorney Richard Weaver resides in DFW with his family. For this reason, he understands Texas and local DFW legal systems. Simply having a law degree isn’t enough to help you stop or prevent foreclosure. The Bright Law Firm will fight to keep you in your home and Richard Weaver has helped thousands of homeowners and wants to help you and your family with this entire foreclosure prevention process. At the Bright Law Firm, we hold the belief that effective communication is paramount to building the homeowner a strong legal defense against foreclosure. From your moments on the phone and in our office, we will seek to help you review your best options, and we will remain available whenever possible to quickly and efficiently answer your legal questions about foreclosure. For your free consultation, complete the form on the site today or even better, call us 24 hours/day so that we can be quickly in touch and start answering question and acting on the best course of action. By Pete Maughan.