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  • Short Sales in DFW

    Avoiding Foreclosure With Bankruptcy –and Why Not to Waste Time With a Short Sale

    The housing bubble which burst a few years ago wreaked havoc in its wake as large numbers of Texas homeowners found their mortgages “underwater,” which meant they had mortgage balances that were greater than the value of the homes they lived in. Consider an example of a person who bought their home at a price of $200,000. Now after several years of paying mortgage payments they find that their home is now worth only $170,000. This is despite their still owing possibly $190,000 on their home.

    An Experienced DFW Attorney of Richard Weaver Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Help!

    Fortunately, if you’re considering the option of letting your home go, and moving on to a new chapter of your life, bankruptcy can eliminate your legal responsibility on the home without the need of going through a frustrating and drawn out short sale. When you hire our foreclosure defense law firm to represent your financial and legal interest with regards to your liabilities, you’ll find that in most cases, we recommend against going through the hassle of a short sale.

    Short Sales Do Not Benefit You! Instead They Benefit The Listing Agent and The Bank!

    The negotiations along for a short sale can be exhausting. The only parties which benefit from a short sale are typically the bank and the realtor who is involved in selling the home. Even the real estate agent might thank you for not drawing them into such a situation.

    Looking to hire a lawyer to help you avoid foreclosure in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant & other DFW surrounding counties? Call our office now and learn how the Bright Law Firm of Richard Weaver can help you skip the short sale process, and learn about the best approach for your situation. By Pete Maughan.