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  • Predatory Home Loans in Texas

    Are  you a victim of a predatory home loan?

    No formal definition exists generally for predatory lending, yet, it is broadly defined as abusive or unfair lending practices which ensnare people into borrowing from a bank during the origination of a home loan. The term does include similarly predatory collection and foreclosure practices used later when foreclosing on a property. If you should you suspect you have been pulled into a predatory lending situation, an attorney can help you get relief and/or damages for any abuses which have occurred. Predatory lending most often included the practice of giving borrowers incomplete, misleading, or  ogus information in certain aspects of the loan process. Examples include interest rates, origination points, hidden fees, illegal fees, lying, failing to disclose key aspects, or not following laws regarding being an equal opportunity lender. Forcing a borrower into refinancing in order to incur lender profit can also be a form of predatory lending. Denying certain legal benefits to the borrower can also be an example of predatory mortgage lending. Some of the most egregious fraudulent types of predatory home loan fraud occurs when the lender alters the binding legal documents following the signing of such documents by a borrower.

    We Can Assist you to Defend Your Home From Foreclosure And Your Rights Against Predatory Lending

    Dallas foreclosure lawyer, Richard Weaver, gives his personal attention to each case and offers his 25 years of legal knowledge for each case which arrives on his desk. Call our law firm now to discover more about foreclosure prevention and how bankruptcy could be your way out of a tough financial situation. By Pete Maughan.