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    Did you know lenders can foreclose in just 20 days? If you are behind on payments, you could be risking that your house will be foreclosed, but we can help!

    Stop Foreclosure, Ensuring a Home for Your Family

    Bright Law Firm was founded to help homeowners stop foreclosure. Through Ch. 13 bankruptcy, we help you create a repayment plan so that you have the chance to get caught up in a five year period. You will also have the chance to shed unsecured debt like medical bills, credit cards, and even payday loans.

    If your lender has refused to accept any more payments unless it is the full amount due, and has begun sending back payments, filing a foreclosure prevention bankruptcy immediately stops this foreclosure process, which has already or will soon begin. Call 972-810-1400 to for a free foreclosure consultation. We can give you options now!

    What Does the Foreclosure Process Involve?

    Foreclosure involves a formal lawsuit by the lender to foreclose and take possession of your home to satisfy the mortgage debt. The mortgage lender takes ownership and possession of the property at the completion of the foreclosure process, or in other situations they allow the home to be sold at auction to pay the mortgage balance.

    The Bright Law Firm’s foreclosure team stops foreclosure, allowing you to stay in your home if you can resume payments and get caught up through the bankruptcy. We seek to help you turn this stressful situation back into a bright future in your home.

    Most of the time, you will receive an acceleration letter from the lender stating that if you do not become current on the mortgage by a specific day, the loan will be referred to a law firm to handle foreclosure proceedings. They are required to send a Notice of Default as the foreclosure letter three weeks prior to the foreclosure sale, meaning that it can come very quickly in some cases. But we can help stop this right away.

    Answering Your Questions About Foreclosure!

    Have have received a notice of default? Call the Bright Law Firm at 972-810-1400 today to receive powerful and caring legal advice. We can consult with you on the phone or in person to answer your urgent questions. We will work with you to find out which choice is best option for solving your financial problems.