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    Stop Foreclosure AND eliminate other debts!

    Most mortgage holders who have become late on a mortgage quickly learn through discussing with a foreclosure defense attorney that Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers them their best solution to stop foreclosure and all them to move forward to a successful outcome of keeping the home. Ch 13 bankruptcy allows you the ability to consolidate other debts for an affordable, monthly payments throughout a 3-5 year period of time in order to gradually become more and more current with the mortgage. This keeps you in the home and provides a chapter 13 repayment plan to handle the mortgage arrears. Usually, your other remaining debts which are not secured can be eliminated or greatly reduced in this process.

    At the Bright Law Firm of Richard Weaver, our team seeks to come up with an individualized plan and does not approach each client with a cookie cutter “one-size fits all” method. Each and every financial problem can have major and subtle differences which make one option more or less successful. Because of unique challenges for homeowners, we seek to find the best opportunities to match the difficulties in order to help with a powerful foreclosure defense. Richard Weaver founded the law firm nearly three decades ago and can offer a depth of insight regarding foreclosure defense that a rookie attorney simply cannot. Our experience, our enthusiasm, and our compassion to help homeowners stay in their homes by stopping or preventing foreclosure helps us maximize your debt relief through filing to receive bankruptcy protection.

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