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  • Mesquite Foreclosure Attorney

    Are you behind on mortgage payments? Have you received a notice of default or foreclosure letter from your mortgage company or their law firm? WE CAN HELP YOU NOW! You might have serious concerns about your ability to come up with the amount of money that the mortgage company is trying to require you to pay. But through chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help you keep your home by getting current over time. You will need to be able to resume monthly payments plus a trustee payment to catch up the late portion of your mortgage over a period of 5 years.

    The Bright Law Firm provides bright hope for your home and family. Attorney Richard Weaver’s 25+ years of foreclosure prevention experience comes with a pledge to provide excellent service to our clients at an affordable price. We offer powerful protection against foreclosure.

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    Come to our offices in Garland, Plano, Dallas, Cedar Hill, or elsewhere in the DFW area. You can also discuss your situation on the phone. Either way, simply CALL US AT 972-810-1400.

    You have the right to bankruptcy protection under chapter 13 of the federal bankruptcy code. It is a federal right. We can work out the details with you to determine whether it is in your best interests to keep the home or to let the home go and protect you and your credit from any additional damage.

    Bright Law Firm Helps Clients:

    • Prevent or Stop Current Foreclosure
    • Erase IRS Taxes From Prior Foreclosure
    • Eliminate Unsecured Debt While Keeping Home
    • Explore Options about a Deed in Lieu
    • Find out whether you face a Deficiency Judgment
    • Avoid the Hassle of a Short Sale
    • Explore Strategic Default to Walk Away Clean
    • Restores Peace of Mind – No Worrying that a Sheriff Will Show Up to Kick You Out

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