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    When your lender initiates foreclosure action, you have very little time in which to resolve it. Although you will get legal notices, if you do not respond, the foreclosure will proceed and you will be out on the street, or staying with relatives, or trying to find somewhere you can live affordably. Usually there are already financial problems, and it is costly to move your family. These issues can weigh heavily on a family that is just trying to survive in a tough economy. At Texas Fresh Start, we could be able to stop all foreclosure proceedings and help you get the problem resolved. You should contact our Lewisville bankruptcy lawyer immediately for assistance.

    Foreclosure Lawyer for Lewisville Homeowners

    When you file for bankruptcy, as soon as you file, there is an automatic stay that halts any collection proceedings, including foreclosure. This buys you time to get your mortgage problem under control. If you file for Chapter 13, arrangements can be negotiated with your lender regarding interest rates, payments and the overdue payments. This is often the best solution for those who wish to keep their home. If you don’t want to keep the property, you have the time to resolve the problem either by selling the property, or other type of resolution, such as negotiating a short sale. If you file Chapter 7, you will have to continue to pay your mortgage, but you will have had many of your other debts discharged, and this could allow you to afford your mortgage payments without stress.

    Take Action Quickly If Foreclosure on Horizon

    When foreclosure is on the horizon, it is important that you take action to stop it. Even if you are facing foreclosure within a few days, it is likely we can file quickly enough to halt the process. We know how important it is that these things are resolved and will get your bankruptcy filed at once. We are here to help individuals and families throughout the Lewisville area with this critical issue; we know how important it is to you and your family, and we are prepared to take action to assist you.

    Contact our Lewisville foreclosure lawyer Richard Weaver today right away if you are going to lose your home.