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    Avoid Or Stop Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy Solution.

    We know that if you could pay the entire amount that the bank is demanding you pay to avoid foreclosure, you would have most likely done that by now. Other situations include the bank dangling a mortgage modification in front of you. They play the “we haven’t got all the documents” game paired up with the game of “now that we have received all the documents, the documents have expired and must now be re-submitted.” Loan mods are not typically achievable once a borrower has become delinquent with payments. And the majority of clients with whom we meet learn that filing bankruptcy offers a surprisingly powerful, and in many cases, it ends up being the one truly workable solution to stopping foreclosure effectively and keeping the home. Our DFW metro law firm was founded to help homeowners defend against and stop foreclosure in its tracks.

    Bright Law Firm can help you:

    • Review your options both in and out of bankruptcy.
    • Discover, review, and determine which foreclosure defense option is best for your situation.
    • Consult regarding the specifics of your mortgage balance, your current income along with other financial factors in order to determine if staying in the home constitutes a realistic option
    • Act immediately and decisively through filing Ch. 13 bankruptcy to save your mortgage and your home from foreclosure.
    • We could be able to help you stop foreclosure on your home up until the foreclosure sale date.
    • Advise you truthfully regarding what will be accomplished through chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as what would happen in the case of a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Typically in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be given the opportunity through the protection of the bankruptcy court to resume your regular mortgage payments while catching up the late portion of your mortgage over a period of 3 to 5 years.

    At the Bright Law Firm, we offer bankruptcy as a solution to many financial problems. We offer foreclosure defense legal strategies with compassion and integrity. We know how highly most people value their home, and want very much to do all that is in our power to help you save it. In cases where the math simply does not work, you can rest assured that we will discuss this with you candidly. In those cases, we can often present a chapter 7 solution that will stall the foreclosure and allow you time and the ability to gather funds for your eventual move to a new home or location. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is called a straight bankruptcy and typically isn’t the best option for staying in the home. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not as fast, but can be a powerful option to eliminate your unsecured debt as well as saving your home.

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    A common mistake that homeowners make regarding foreclosure is simply putting off coming to an experienced and qualified attorney for legal advice regarding options. We respond quickly and actively to emergencies, but we certainly prefer helping you in a manner that lets both you and our team carefully weigh options instead of being forced to act in a way that limits options. You can receive a free foreclosure consultation regarding debt relief bankruptcy options. Call us at Bright Law Firm for your free consultation today.