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    Facing Foreclosure?

    Foreclosure on your home  could rank among the most traumatic of any experience in your life. Foreclosure disrupts home line, your financial life, and brings incredible amounts of financial strain, worries and stress to your family. It occurs at the point which the lender uses the legal process to retake your home, typically following serious delinquency with monthly house payments. Do you face foreclosure now? Or do you fear that your mortgage company may seek to foreclose on your home? Whether foreclosure is looming, or whether the foreclosure process already started running its course, YOU CAN RECEIVE HELP from our Irving bankruptcy law firm immediately. Mr Weaver founded his foreclosure defense law firm more than 25 years ago to help Texas homeowners.

    There are specific actions which a homeowner can take to obtain protect for your family and your home, however it is very important to act quickly. Mr Rick Weaver of the Bright Law Firm helps people who face severe stress from debt and foreclosure. Through the federal protection provided by bankruptcy laws, he will put his experience and professional advice to work in your life. He can offer support that you need by offering caring, powerful, and affordable Irving bankruptcy services. With his 25+ years of bankruptcy experience, you will quickly see that it is important to have the proven help and legal record for successful outcomes.

    What To Do When You Receive Foreclosure Notification

    The important steps to follow after you have received notification of foreclosure will need to be taken quickly. Once the foreclosure process starts, there is only limited time for you to act to save your home. Many possibilities exist to preserver your rights under the law, including aggressive action to stop foreclosure, create a plan to get your mortgage back on track, and even potentially take action against the mortgage company for wrongdoing, predatory lending, or other unlawful acts. Included in this list of possibilities is the right to seek and order documentation from the lender regarding their legal right to foreclose in the first place. If a lender finds themselves in the precarious position of not being able to prove deed, title, or show proper chain of title, you can put yourself at a serious advantage. The Bright Law Firm’s foreclosure attorneys are willing to fight on your side to help you protect your family and your home.

    Loan Modification? Possibly. Deed in Lieu? Maybe. Short Sales? No.

    Loan mods are difficult, but still remain a possible option to help with your position. Two additional options also exist. Much talk is made of short sales; however, these typically end up benefiting two other parties, but rarely to they hold a benefit for you. They benefit the Realtor selling your home and the bank, but they present lots of work to you with very little benefit. Deed in lieu of foreclosure should also be investigated if you plan to move on and surrender your home.  Our experienced foreclosure lawyers can work with you to review your financial options. Our foreclosure law firm can recognize regulatory violations of your lender and propose a plan to that will improve your position.