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    For most home owners, the house itself is not simply our dwelling place, but also our refuge from a rapidly changing and fast-paced world. The home is a place with lasting and lifelong family memories. For many Texans in DFW, the home is also their largest financial investment. For this reason, a home that is threatened with foreclosure is a devastating thought, which leaves most homeowners feeling discouraged about the prospects of being homeless. With sometimes shaky economic future or with temporary job-loss or medical issues, the foreclosure process can be daunting. Most are not aware of legal rights for homeowners and how to keep the sheriff from showing up and telling the homeowner to move out.

    Amid Uncertainty, Our Attorneys Offer Hope!

    Do you feel that you are facing little or even no options? We can help! Each home foreclosure is unique, with unique facts and unique circumstances. But we can help you understand the process, what to expect, and realistically come up with a plan on how to deal with the situation.

    At the Bright Law Firm of Richard Weaver & Associates, you find a caring, experienced legal team dealing principally in foreclosure defense to keep homeowners in their homes. If you are faced with foreclosure, we may be able to help, and we are just a phone call away! With offices in Garland, Dallas, Plano, and other areas of the DFW metroplex, you’ll find that our foreclosure defense attorneys know how to help you avoid and overcome the anxiety and stress associated with foreclosure. With more than 26 years of bankruptcy experience, we have helped thousands of Texans protect assets like their home while eliminating debt.

    Our law firm’s successes come from our clients’ successes. If we can conclude a case successfully defending a client’s home, and helping them onto a more secure financial future, then we feel satisfied in our service. Our bankruptcy law firm can help you fight Dallas foreclosure, consider foreclosure alternatives, and can also help you to understand what to expect and therefore how to best overcome the foreclosure process.

    Dedicated DFW Foreclosure Defense

    Our bankruptcy legal team is comprised of detail-oriented, caring, and hard-working legal staff and is led by the experienced legal wisdom of Mr. Richard Weaver. Our team frequently will rise above and beyond the call of duty in providing personal caring attention to each client.

    If you are looking for a powerful foreclosure defense option, considering calling our law firm today! You will find that our team is persistent, caring, focused and with the necessary skills to assist you with your foreclosure defense case.

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