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    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Save Your Home

    The national foreclosure crisis has not spared the Dallas area. Homeowners throughout the DFW area including Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, Collin, Johnson, Wise, and other surrounding counties have lost their homes after falling hopelessly behind on the mortgage.

    If you have received a foreclosure summons, a notice of acceleration by the bank, or a foreclosure date in the mail from the bank’s law firm, we can help. Or if you are on the brink, filing for bankruptcy protection can help you stop foreclosure and keep your home. The DFW bankruptcy attorneys of Mr Weaver can help you explore your mortgage relief options.

    Find Out If You Can Avoid Foreclosure

    Mr Richard Weaver holds his main offices in Fort Worth, TX, and multiple additional satellite offices throughout the DFW metroplex, including Arlington, Grapevine, Irving, Dallas, Plano, Denton, Lewisville, McKinney, Addison, Garland, Southlake, and more. Contact us for a free consultation.

    DFW Bankruptcy Lawyers Who Understand Foreclosure

    If you are several payments behind on your mortgage, the lender can initiate foreclosure. Generally, your house will not be foreclosed right away just after missing a mortgage payment. But the further behind that you become, the greater the risk of foreclosure, and this is regardless of whether they are working on a “modification” with you. From the date that the foreclosure notice is sent, you have as little as just THREE WEEKS until your house could be sold at auction. The earlier you contact an attorney the better, but even if you are a week away from losing your home it might not be too late. Reach out to us today.

    Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops foreclosure proceedings. If you are able to keep paying the current mortgage, you can roll the arrears into your repayment plan. It may also be possible to eliminate unsecured debt in the process, such as medical bills, credit cards, payday/personal loans and more. This will depend on your income and whether you qualify for discharge in bankruptcy. If your income is too high, then you may not qualify for an elimination of other unsecured debts. Our office can help you work out the details of whether you qualify for this, as well as other important details.

    Our experienced lawyers can help you make an informed choice and make the best of a bad situation. We will sit down with you to examine your finances to determine if you should try to keep your home or cut your losses. Either way, filing for bankruptcy buys you precious months to find a solution.

    We Know Texas Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Law

    Richard Weaver has made sure that his staff is highly trained through experience and hands-on guidance under his 27 years of experience. He focuses his law firm exclusively in bankruptcy and consumer rights law, including some non-bankruptcy mortgage solutions. We have gone to court to fight foreclosure and we have negotiated with lenders to modify mortgage loans or arrange for short sale. We are not here to steer you into bankruptcy — we are here to give you options and advice and to aggressively advocate for you.

    Take action today to save your home, through Chapter 13 bankruptcy or alternatives. Call our Fort Worth office to discuss with our foreclosure attorneys today by dialing 817-527-8900 or contact us by e-mail. We offer a free consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment.