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  • Cedar Hill Foreclosure Attorney

    If you have become past due on mortgage payments and received a foreclosure notice or the intent to foreclose via what is called an “acceleration notice” from your lender or their attorneys, you can GET HELP NOW! For those who are having a hard time remaining or getting current again on a home mortgage, there are real concerns of whether you can keep your home. Whether this matches your circumstances, the Bright Law Firm offers bright hopes. Through attorney Richard Weaver’s experience, you can receive our pledge of excellent service, affordable attorney fees, and powerful foreclosure defense. We will review your situation. We’ll discuss your specific details and make certain that we do our best to offer compassionate, affordable foreclosure legal representation as you deal with this stressful time.

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    Most of our clients want the ability to stay in their home if they can manage. Some clients want the ability to move on and choose to surrender their home and walk away. They seek to prevent any further damage to credit. The Bright Law Firm helps clients like you and we seek the chance to earn your respect and trust like the thousands of other clients we have assisted. Contacting us for a free legal case review. We can offer consultations on the phone or in one of our many office locations.

    Bright Law Firm Can Help You:

    • Prevent Foreclosure
    • Eliminate IRS Taxes from a past foreclosure
    • Erase Unsecured Debt and keep your home at the same time
    • Learn Options Regarding Deed in Lieu
    • Learn whether you’ll be affected by a Deficiency Judgment
    • Avoid Wasting time on a Short Sale
    • Learn about Strategic Default

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