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  • Bankruptcy Lawyer — Dallas, TX

    First, I want to Assure You: You Have Options and A Way Out

    For more than 25 years as a Dallas bankruptcy attorney, I have been helping families, individuals, and small business owners receive debt relief to become free. Often folks come to me who feel they do not deserve the help they are receiving and this becomes my honor to help them through the process of obtaining relief and healing. By obtaining protection under Ch. 7 & Ch. 13 bankruptcy, DFW residents can receive powerful protection while eliminating burdensome debt. We serve the entire DFW metroplex and also surrounding counties like Plano, Denton, Johnson, Wise, and Rockwall in addition to the main counties of Dallas county and Tarrant county. My law firm implements what we hope to be a painless method of filing through electronic filing.

    We care about our clients and seek to assist in gathering the paperwork and also filling out the paperwork. We will file your case for your and represent you as a client in order that you can be assured of a successful financial outcome. While we cannot take all folks on as clients, we are determined to help as many clients as possible while maintaining the ability to provide excellent service to each person and family. We cannot waive a magic wand, but our team is determined to help. We make ourselves available in our office, over the phone, by text and by email. We ask that you bring your concerns to our office so that we can help you.

    Three Actions You Can Complete Now

    – Call our office. The first private consultation that you receive from me will be completely free. It comes without strings attached. Often a client will discuss for a period of time on the phone or in our office until it is clear that we can help them. We then welcome them to place their trust in us to help them with their debts. In other cases, we refer them to other options, including non-bankruptcy options outside of our office and do not charge them for the time they have spent with us. We will assist clients in the process of looking at the best options, we will discuss pricing with you, and we will seek to help you in your decision of whether or not bankruptcy is your best options to help your situation. You have absolutely zero obligation that you file bankruptcy just by coming to our office. I am happy and honored if you place your trust in our office so that we might speak to you about your financial concerns.

    – Learn answers to your questions on our website.

    We have provided dozens of articles which can answer your questions about bankruptcy and foreclosure on this site. The articles and information are naturally free. Click around and learn whether your burning questions are answered. There is a certain amount of questions which can be answered online through research, but it is dangerous to stop there as many misconceptions or misunderstandings can come about from doing your own legal research without the help of a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer. That is where a free consultation comes into play should you desire to call and ask us questions without obligation.

    – Stop the feelings of guilt.

    We love all of our clients, and we want you to realize that by filing to receive bankruptcy protection, you are exercising a legal right to which you are entitled. Creditors profit from financial relationships with you. They do not offer these services free, they do not offer them out of charity, and you do not need to feel guilty if you are put in a position of being unable to pay. For many who have done all that they can to pay, they feel like failures, but this is simply not true. One thing I like to remind clients is that we all fail at times. It is what we do when we fail that determines our destiny.