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  • The team at Bright Law Firm will work tirelessly to answer questions, act on important legal deadlines, and help you conquer foreclosure through use of the bankruptcy code. Foreclosure defense lawyer Richard Weaver will also assist you in learning about the debt reduction benefits that come from chapter 13 bankruptcy as it protects your home through use of the bankruptcy court’s automatic stay.

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    After a home owner files for protection of the bankruptcy court, the foreclosure must stop. The automatic stay stops all legal action and all collection actions. This means you cannot be called, so this stops creditor harassment, it also means foreclosures must halt, cars may not be repossessed. And once a bankruptcy discharge has completed, bank garnishments must be removed, liens and judgments stopped, and all other creditor lawsuits and levies will be stopped.

    Addison Foreclosure Defense Attorney Richard Weaver

    It is vital to consult personally with a qualified, knowledgeable foreclosure bankruptcy attorney. A good attorney understands foreclosure laws regarding th protection of bankruptcy. It is also important that you understand you have rights, you cannot be simply thrown out of your home without due process of law through the specifically regulated process of foreclosure. The attorneys who work under the leadership of Bright Law Firm founder Richard Weaver also provide practical legal advice about your unique circumstances.  

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    We are happy to welcome you into the office by setting an appointment at 972-810-1400. You can also receive a consultation over the phone and can expect reliable legal advice that comes from more than 25 years of bankruptcy experience by bankruptcy attorney Richard Weaver. We do not charge clients a penny until it is clear that we have a solution for your situation. If we ever charge you, you will be very clear about the fees and how they can benefit you with qualified legal help.