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Have you gotten behind with mortgage payments? Have you received an “acceleration notice” or foreclosure notice from your bank’s attorneys? If you are having difficulty staying current with your mortgage and have concerns about your ability to keep from losing your home? Regardless of your circumstances, we offer hope to you at the Law Firm of Richard Weaver. We pledge that we will do our best to review your situation and provide help if it is within the scope of our law firm. We offer affordable, compassionate foreclosure defense services for homeowners facing the stressful and disheartening prospect of going through foreclosure.

Some of our clients want to stay in their home. Others simply want to be able to walk away and in the process they want to prevent damage to their credit long-term as best as possible. Our bankruptcy law firm offers help to you. Take the step of contacting us to receive a complimentary legal consultation over the phone or in the office with our Dallas foreclosure defense lawyer. We will listen to the concerns, worries, and fears that you have and we’ll review various options. We will discuss with you and help you to understand your legal rights regarding your home mortgage.

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When you choose to hire our law firm, you’ll find that you are not simply shuffled off to work with different legal assistants and paralegals each time. While working with our valued and experienced paralegals is also important, you will find that you work closely with the bankruptcy lawyer representing you on your case instead of being shrugged off to a paralegal or legal assistant. This approach is important to our law firm and to our clients because we know how stressful any financial experience that involves your home can be for a family. We seek to provide one-on-one legal help, caring support, and experienced legal counsel which clients deserve. Richard Weaver has been fighting to save homes in foreclosure through foreclosure defense legal strategies for more than 25 years.

We can help you:

  • Stop Foreclosure on Your Home
  • Walk Away From Your Home if You Choose
  • Avoid IRS Tax Liability from foreclosure
  • Eliminate Unsecured Debt While Keeping Your Home and Other Assets
  • Learn Your Options with a Deed in Lieu
  • Learn about Deficiency Judgments
  • Learn Why Short Sales Are A Waste of Time
  • Learn Whether a Strategic Mortgage Default Would Be Your Best Bet

When clients come to one of our offices for a legal consultation, our attorneys take time to discuss your situation in depth in order to clearly understand what your best options would be for your unique situation. We want to help you and make sure your decisions are informed by our deep experience and practical expertise. We can help you make a plan to keep your best financial interests in mind in the short and in the long run.

You hold the right to Fighting Foreclosure!

You are much more likely to have a successful resolution to your financial problems by taking action right away by calling our law firm. We could have solutions that help you overcome foreclosure through bankruptcy. Additional options could include taking your legal case to the courtroom. Or in rare situations, you could be better served by negotiating a short sale with the bank. Other situations could merit the use of a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Many lenders have engaged willfully in illegal practices as well as misconduct with their home borrowers. The Texas Attorney General and other State Attorneys General across the United States have succeeded in seeking and winning massive settlements for victims to the tune of more than $25 billion due to of unfair lending practices, fraudulent conduct, and more. This means that lenders could still be in hot water, whether their case against you is valid or not. Because of their illegal practices, there could be serious holes in their case and flaws with the case that may be something that proves an advantage for you in avoiding foreclosure. Whether this is the situation that fits your case, the bank will generally seek to avoid foreclosure even themselves because of immense costs involved. One United States Senate study found the costs for a foreclosure to average banks a massive $50,000.

Why hire Dallas County and DFW Metro foreclosure lawyer Richard Weaver?

Fighting a home foreclosure does not require an attorney, but although not legally mandated, hiring an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer to represent you with the case is wise if you want a successful resolution. If you seek to contest your foreclosure through bankruptcy, or if you want to negotiate short sale, doing so without an attorney can be dangerous. Your best legal and financial interests typically point to retaining qualified legal representation. Richard Weaver’s law firm brings extensive benefits for your legal case. Richard Weaver and our other attorneys help clients constantly, and are of necessity giving constant continued education regarding new changes in the bankruptcy code. We help clients daily and routinely deal with a high amount of legal cases. Richard Weaver founded the law firm more than 25 years ago, and since that time has represented more than 3,000 clients in bankruptcy.

Our attorneys know the players at the local trustee’s offices as well as the opposing law firms who represent banks and other creditors. We constantly seek to be incredibly responsive regarding all client phone calls and correspondence. We constantly seek to return phone calls inside of 24 hours whenever it is possible. You’ll find that our reputation is impeccable, both with other attorneys and most importantly with our past and current clients. Overall, our ultimate goal is providing you—our potential client—with responsive, high-quality, affordable and ethical representation for each of our valued clients. We deal one on one with our clients from the beginning to the eventual hopeful successful resolution of the case. We attempt to build and execute a comprehensive financial legal strategy to reach your goals. This means that for many of our clients who seek additional value, they can keep contact with our law firm even after filing bankruptcy as we help them progress forward with their ultimate financial well-being. Important legal developments and changes to your personal circumstances are constantly evaluated in order to help you reach your best resolution.

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